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Our Mission

To eliminate every preventable relapse, readmission, and death for cardiovascular patients, while improving their quality of life.

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Our Vision

To fulfill the unrealized potential of cardiac rehab to motivate and inspire heart healthy behaviors “one day at a time” through industry leadership, empowered relationships, and innovative technology.

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Our Culture

To enthusiastically create an innovative and collaborative environment where we inspire ourselves and others with a thirst for excellence to become the very best we can be.  

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Our Team

We work as a unit to bring you the absolute best in all-encompassing patient care.

Founder, CEO
Jared Sieling

Why Chanl Health?

For me, our mission and our people are what set us apart. We are a highly driven, highly productive team that is able to truly impact people’s lives for the better. At the same time, we have a lot of fun and enjoy being around each other, which is a really great work environment to grow in.
Executive Director
Barbra Fagan

Why I Joined?

I joined Chanl Health because of my love for cardiac rehabilitation and innovation. I have always had visions of doing things different with the goal of improving patient care and access. Chanl Health does just that, bridging technology with practice. I am humbled to work with a dynamic team that puts the patient and program staff experience centric to all decisions.
Customer Success Manager
Reese Glover

Why I Joined?

I joined Chanl Health because they have the potential to expand the reach of cardiac rehab and impact the lives of patients and program staff along the way. The seamless addition of Chanl Health’s innovative technology allows programs to bridge the gap for patients who would otherwise fall through the cracks. I am fortunate to be among a team of inspiring individuals who care incredibly about improving the way cardiac rehab is delivered.
Karen Craig

Why I Joined?

I joined Chanl Health to further enhance cardiac rehab and make a difference outside of a traditional CR setting. After working in the field for many years, we cannot be satisfied with low enrollment and engagement The barriers to attending a site-based CR program have never gone away and using Chanl to help all patients is more important than ever. Chanl really takes CR to the next level and I’m thrilled to be on such an amazing team!
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