care plans.


For Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Convenience and Support At Home


Intuitive care plan at your fingertips

With the companion app, daily tasks and reminders help you stay on top of your rehab program.

Track progress and receive updates

It’s easy to log exercise, measurements, and medicines. Then receive feedback and insights on how you are progressing.

Connect with your care team

Put your mind at ease by asking your care team a question from the convenience of your home.

How it Works

Quick Setup.  Lasting Effects.

After a patient experiences a cardiac event, Chanl Health's digital programs provide them with support beginning right in the hospital and continue on through their recovery.


In Hospital

Streamlined Workflow

Get patients setup in minutes on their personalized, automated program before they are discharged from the hospital.


Cardiac Rehab

Enhanced Care

Supplement your outpatient rehab sessions with tracking and educational material, helping patients develop lasting skills for self-management


At Home

Continued Support

Ease the transition out of outpatient rehab, to help patients stay on track and integrate new practices into their daily lives.

For Clinicians

Empower Patients Beyond the Clinic


Better Care and Higher Engagement

Give patients better tools to succeed at home, engaging them more in their care and health management.

Streamlined Workflow

Get patients setup in minutes, and receive alerts as patients need support.

Administrative Intelligence

Gain insight into your program’s strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to tailor to your patients and care network.


Rest Easy

Safe and Secure

Our high quality standards ensure that your information is protected at every step.  You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.



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