Cardiac Rehabilitation. Reinvented.

Our proven virtual care solution removes patient barriers to access and provides innovative ways to meaningfully engage in their health. More patients are getting the care they need from the comfort of their own home.

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Why Chanl Health?

The patient benefits of rehabilitation after a major cardiac event are well documented, yet 80% of patients do not participate. Healthcare providers that use our home-based cardiac rehab program can deliver increased quality care to more patients at a lower cost.

Improve Outcomes

Increased at-home adherence around exercise, diet, smoking cessation, stress, and other risk factors results in improved clinical outcomes.

Increase Volume

Convenience and availability allows more patients to participate in rehab, and can reduce issues of long wait lists.

Add Revenue. Reduce Cost.

By enrolling more patients and requiring less staff time, your program can both increase revenue and cut per patient costs.
OUR Customers

Trusted by Over 60 Hospitals

Chanl Health is the market leader for virtual cardiac rehab in the U.S., and we have worked with over 60 hospitals to help them setup and deliver a virtual/hybrid cardiac or pulmonary rehab program. Our hands-on approach allows these programs to grow enrollment and serve more patients.

Who We Work With

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A Holistic Solution + Simplified Technology

Our Chanl Care App connects patients with the care and support they need through their entire care journey, starting right in the hospital. Our industry leading app and clinician dashboard are easy to use for managing each patient's individualized care, and help automate many of the key pieces needed to keep patients on the right track.

Patient Cardiac Event

Inpatient Care

At-Home Recovery

Onsite Sessions
Real-Time Video Sessions
Asynchronous Care

Self-Managed Maintenance

how it works

Remove Gaps in Care

After a patient experiences a cardiac event, the Chanl Health programs provide cardiac rehab support from hospital discharge to long-term health maintenance.
Hospital Discharge

Streamline Care

Patients are set up in minutes and receive immediate access to Chanl Health's plethora of resources. More efficient enrollment processes help free up your staff’s time.
Cardiac Rehab

Improve Access

By offering a home-based or hybrid solution, hospitals give patients more accessible options to fit their individualized schedule and budget.
Health Maintenance

Continue Support

Ease the transition to self-management with education and skill-building to help patients stay on track and integrate new practices into their daily lives.  

What Our Customers Say

Don't take our word for it. Hear from patients, clinicians, and leaders involved in the process of improving health outcomes and the patient experience.
Cardiac Rehab Staff
“I must admit I was skeptical at first, but now it’s clear that this is the future.”
“I’m uncomfortable in crowds, so wouldn’t have gone onsite. At home, having the accountability and support from the staff helped me get in a routine.”
VP of Heart Institute 
“The home-based program allows us to capture more patients and shorten the time from discharge to recovery."
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