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What can ChanlHealth do for me?

Simplify your data

We'll pull data from the apps and devices you already use and deliver useful health snapshots over time.

Broaden health assessments

The 30,000 foot view of your health gives you peace of mind when trends are good (and warning when they aren't).

Share the insights

When you want, it's easy to share reports with the health professionals you trust, helping them give you informed care.

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It's your data. Use it.

Based on your interests, we'll cook up infographics, interactive charts, and summary reports about YOUR health and behavior trends over time. Let us do the hard work to pull all the data together, so you can get concise, digestible snapshots to stay on the right path.


Quick setup. Long term benefits.

To get started, just add the apps and devices you use and subscribe to some topics to let us know what sort of information you are interested in. We'll take it from there, and create and deliver custom content and reports just for you.

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